1. There is a wrong translation of the words “… is the next” for Slovenian language.
    It should be:
    “… is the next”
    = “je naslednji” for beach slippers
    = “je naslednja” for arm with 2,1,0,1,… fingers

    “… je ostala” literally means “… has left (after all the other had been removed)”.

    Slovenian grammar and Google Translate are not best friends, maybe they will succeed with a combination of quantum computer and AI 🙂 .

    But if someone from Slovenia had translated this, (s)he should be ashamed.
    Kako ti je uspela takšna napaka na tako enostavnem primeru ???

    So 7/9 at my first attempt and 9/9 at all my next attempts 🙂

    Best regards,

    p.s.: Sorry for longer comment, but having lower IQ due to someone else’s mistake is not my style 🙂 .

  2. Imam 105 genij kaj bi šele bila če bi pri dveh testih(tisti z Japonka I in tisti z rokami) bili pravilno prevedeni😁. Drugače pa je interesantno reševati take IQ teste.lp 😊

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