1. The correct answer for the last is 14. The first 8 cubes form a cube and the last 8 cubes form another cube.

      1. I also got 9, “But” question 9 does “NOT” show either 6; 10 or 12 squares ………
        It actually ONLY shows 8 squares !!!
        Enjoy !!

        1. Sorry …… “Correction” to my own comment :))))
          I did mean to say “blocks” as there are NO SQUARES.
          However, it is also SA matter of “perception” :))

    1. This is a sham I.q. test. It is really a test of visual perception. In other words what the eye can delineate.

  1. Your 2 question on the flip flop and hand. The question is which is left and not which is for the left foot and which is the left hand. The question on how many boxes is also deceptive as one can only see 8 on the photo but the stack have 12.

    1. When you count the boxes itself, you’ll get 10. The where the 4 boxes are in, is also a box. That is 11 and the other side have 6 boxes within that box. So, the correct answer is 12.

  2. I differ with the answer on how many squares, as the top right is a rectangular and not a square, therefore the answer must be 6 and not 7

  3. The last one is how many can you SEE – the answer is 6
    the corner blocks are the same blocks and only count as one

  4. There is more than just IQ at stake here, like culture and previous experience, to name only two. But it is pure fun after all.

  5. Yes.

    Your IQ: 119
    You are simply a genius. Are you sure Einstein isn’t your surname? You have to continue bravely towards your goals, and your name will be known in the whole world!

  6. Last answer as to how many cubes incorrect. There are 12 small cubes. But if you count the cubes made out of 4 small cubes you can “manufacture” another 2 big cubes so there are actually 14 cubes. So either the question if ambiguous (what is actually counted as a cube) or wrong. Same as how many squares on a chess board. There are not 64 as the chessboard itself is a square as well as the 64 small squares (as well as 2×2 and 3×3 etc squares)

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